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“My work is inspired by the grandeur of nature and atmospheric universe. I aim to evoke an emotional resonance by capturing the vibration of colors and the beauty of simple movements, where each element is freed from its tangible reality. This exploration delves into the relationship between our inner universe and the external world. By blurring the boundaries between the real and the unreal, I open a space for escape, meditation, or contemplation.”

Since 2003, following a Master's degree in Graphic Arts and Art Direction (Penninghen, Paris), I have been supporting my clients in creating and developing their visual identity. My expertise resides in crafting brand universes and bringing them to life across various media: print, scenography, digital.

I create logotypes, graphic guidelines, brand platforms, audiovisual productions, motion design, graphic design and illustrations. Agile and efficient, I assemble teams tailored to each project by leveraging a broad network of partners.

My interest in learning diverse techniques, such as programming languages, 3D animation software, digital sound and music, and AI tools, defines my all-round and experimental approach.

This method opens up a field of free artistic expression to me, with which I have, over time, created an extensive collection of unique works: digital prints and custom-made murals as well as immersive videos. Here, the atmospheres are metaphysical, emotionally resonant, and the animated imagery evokes ballets of shapes and colors, slow and captivating, conducive to contemplation.


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33 rue de l'Orangerie
78000 Versailles


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