caroline benech

art direction & brand image

les vins brochet réserve

Brand platform, visual identity, logo, packaging for the Brochet Réserve wine collection

Grown in the southern Loire Valley, the wines of Fréderic Brochet simply bear his name, "like a fish" (Brochet means Pike). They illustrate the unique characteristics of the house, the audacity, and the unparalleled expertise. The name is embraced. A serif typography is specially created for the logo. On the labels, the pike is printed with an iridescent gilding in various shades, distinguishing the grape varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, white wines, and red wines.


gif anime brochet
logo brochet bouteilles Brochet réserve poisson ecailles logo brochet poisson etiquettes vin Brochet Reserve


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